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Scaffold Site Instructions

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Site Instructions

A site instruction refers to a formal order, by an authorized person, to do additional works, omit certain works, undo works, redo works or change initial specifications. Some site instructions may relate to approval of works and/or authorization to proceed in a certain way.

Cloudscaff Site Instructions

The Easiest Way To Create Site Instructions

On the Cloudscaff mobile app, enter all the information provided by the client. Add any additional information required to erect the scaffold. After following Cloudscaff's step by step process, the system will automate the entire scaffolding process from Site Instructions to Handover Certificates to issuing Daily Inspections.


Simple and easy to use scaffold site instructions.


How It Works

4 Simple Steps To Digitize Your Site Instructions

Step 1

Using the Cloudscaff Mobile app upload a copy of the client's site instruction. The software will back up and archive it, making it accessible on the app or dashboard at any time if a dispute occurs. If a site instruction was not issued, create one on the app.

Step 2

Enter all the information required to erect a scaffold, with any additional information such as subcontractors, client representatives, and notes.

Step 3

After confirming that all information is correct. The Cloudscaff Mobile app with generating a digital Site Instruction. It will be accessible in real-time on the Cloudscaff Mobile app and Cloudscaff Admin Dashboard.

Step 4

The Site Instruction will be e-mailed to clients, representatives, and anyone on-site. This will activate the process to start the erection, dismantle, or modification of the scaffold.

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