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Scaffold Requests

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What Is A Scaffold Request?

The purpose of a scaffold request is to commission a scaffold for a specific use case. The scaffold request form ensures that a scaffold is adequate for the work to be performed and properly erected and dismantled. It covers selecting, erecting, dismantling, and inspecting all types of scaffolds. It applies to workers using scaffolds, supervisors, scaffold custodians, scaffold qualified persons, scaffold erectors/dismantles, and Facilities and Operations.

Scaffold Request Form

Request Scaffolds In Real-Time

Take the headache out of scaffold request form creation while also reducing errors with reliable, easy-to-use Scaffold & Inventory Management Software. Maximize efficiency. Automated document generation and assembly can save time and money on creating and managing documents, freeing up time you can spend growing your business.

Benefits of Cloudscaff scaffold requests:

  • Accessible on your mobile device
  • Real-time data sent directly from site
  • Transaction history
  • Consistent quality
  • Easier compliance


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