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Scaffold Inventory Management

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  • Scale your scaffolding business efficiently
  • Track inventory items across all projects and scaffolds
  • Manage shipping, collection, transfers and more.

Choose the best inventory software for managing both simple and complex projects .



The Tools Needed To Manage Your Scaffold Inventory

Inventory Tracking

Track and cross reference scaffolding inventory across multiple projects as well as track all inventory on a single project.

Material Requests

Manage requests received from a project site for scaffolding material to be delivered.


Manage deliveries of scaffolding material sent to a project site.

Material Collections

Manage collection requests received from a project site for scaffolding material to be collected.

Inventory Transfer

Transfer scaffolding material from 1 project site to another project site.

Inventory Management

Manage Cross Hire, Edit Inventory Items, add new Inventory or remove damaged or lost Inventory.

Make better inventory decisions

Keep track of every aspect of your scaffolding inventory

Cloudscaff provides flexible integration options for every need.

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