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Scaffold Handover Certificates

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  • Create digital handover certificates on-site
  • Sign documents digitally on any mobile device
  • Track, manage and analyze handovers electronically

Managing safety has never been so easy with Cloudscaff's Handover Certificates.



Handover Certificates

A handover certificate in scaffolding ensures that work done on a scaffold during erection, dismantle or modification has been inspected, verified, and found acceptably safe for use within industry standards.

Cloudscaff Handover Certificates

The fastest way to create handover certificates

Using Cloudscaff eliminates the need to manually fill in a handover certificate on-site or in the office. The entire process of creating a handing over certificate is automated. All handover certificates are automatically generated in the cloud and accessed on the Cloudscaff app and dashboard. Each handover certificate is tagged, numbered, tracked, and managed online.

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Think Safety First


How It Works

4 Simple Steps To Automated Handover Certificates

Step 1

Using the Cloudscaff Mobile App, create a digital Site Instruction. This will automate the process of creating digital Handover Certificates and eliminate the risk of errors and disputes.

Step 2

Once a Site Instruction is created, the software will then require the person handing over the scaffold to complete an initial Safety Inspection. If the scaffold passes the Safety Inspection a Handover Certificate will be generated

Step 3

Confirm that all information on the Handover Certificate is correct. Once confirmed the client will be able to digitally sign the Handover Certificate on the Cloudscaff Mobile App on-site.

Step 4

The Handover Certificate is now accessible on the Cloudscaff Mobile App and Cloudscaff Admin Dashboard and will be e-mailed to the client as well as any representative on-site.

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