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Daily Scaffold Inspections

at your

  • Create daily, weekly, or monthly scaffold safety inspections on-site in real-time.
  • Get notifications and alerts about scaffolds due for inspection. Safety has never been so easy.
  • Track, manage and analyze safety on-site in real-time

Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy with Cloudscaff's Inspection Certificates.



Daily Scaffold Inspections

A scaffold used for construction should be inspected before it is used for the first time and then every 7 days until it is removed. It should also be inspected each time it is exposed to conditions likely to cause deterioration eg following adverse weather conditions or following substantial alteration.

Cloudscaff Inspections

The Safest And Quickest Way To Inspect Scaffolds

Cloudscaff inspections prioritize safety and efficiency, ensuring scaffolds are always safe for use. Scaffold inspections are carried out on the Cloudscaff mobile app and are instantly logged, tracked, archived, and accessed on the Cloudscaff dashboard. Alerts and notifications on the app and dashboard will ensure scaffolds never go unchecked.

Please view our digital Handover Certificates and Site Instructions too.


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How It Works

4 simple steps to issue Scaffold Inspections

Step 1

Using the Cloudscaff Mobile App navigate to the project of choice. Select from the list of active scaffolds a scaffold to inspect.

Step 2

On the mobile app, click the inspection button to issue a new inspection, or view previous inspections for the selected scaffold.

Step 3

To issue a new inspection for the selected scaffold. All that's required is to inspect all the components in the checklist. The scaffold's information is already filled in on the app. Once the inspection is complete, mark the scaffold safe for use or not.

Step 4

Whether or not the scaffold passes or fails the inspection. A digital Scaffold Inspection Certificate is created and is accessible in real-time on the Cloudscaff Mobile app and Cloudscaff Admin Dashboard with the scaffold's status.

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