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Move your scaffolding company online and in the cloud with ease.

Scaffold Management Overview


Create estimates, site instructions, handover certificates, inspection certificates, scaffold requests and invoices. Manage projects, inventory, and labor. Integrated CRM and ERM systems and much more with the Cloudscaff.


Why Cloudscaff?

Benefits For Scaffolding Businesses

Live Data

Analyze your business in real-time with information sent instantly from site.

Save Money

Physical storage, filing, printing certificates & instructions, data capturing, data processing, training, lost data, skill transfer, human error, stationary and rent.

Free Up Resources

Your team will have more time to work on things that scale your business.

Advanced Security

Utilizing google servers and infrastructure, your data will always be secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Increased Productivity

Cloud computing optimizes your company workflow. Access to your digital archive.

Greater Efficiency

Remove the need for data capturing and processing. Certificate tracking, site management on the go, integrated inventory management, simplified quoting and automated invoicing

It's Scaffolding, But Smarter

Utilize The Tools That Are Right For Your Business

Cloudscaff is software that has been designed for scaffolding companies to optimize, automate, track and analyze their business in real-time. Make informed decisions that will help you grow.

Unrestricted Access To The Entire Suite Of Tools

Developed to provide scaffold management tools and solutions for any project size. You have the flexibility to use the tools independently or a one complete scaffolding solution.


Transform Your Communication With Your Customers

Our automated cloud-based email solution sends certificates, instructions, inspections, requests and documents to your clients instantly, keeping them informed of the safety, progress and management happening on-site.

This will allow you to focus on your business, instead of those labor intensive administrative tasks.


Start Off With The Right Tools

Features For Scaffolding Businesses

Cloud storage

Fully scalable to your business requirements.


Quotes, invoices, inventory management system, site instructions, handover certificates, inspection certificates, dismantle certificates, inventory requests, labor entries, and dashboard.


To inspect scaffolds, follow up on quotes & inventory management.

Custom reports

Focused on your companies exact needs and requirements. Personal dashboard to assess your business on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Tech support

Technical support, dedicated account manager and training.


Sites, users, scaffold types, scaffold rates, component types, labour rates and customer profiles.


Sites, scaffolds, certificates, instructions, documents and reports


Cost-effective pricing geared towards assisting scaffolding companies scale their business.

Optimize Your Scaffolding Business

Grow Your Profit Margins

Cloudscaff's powerful tools focus on planning and process controls to ensure all scaffold resources are deployed in the most effective manner to maximize productivity and utilization.

On Your
& Desktop

Mobile Application

All instructions, certificates, labor entires and inventory requests are automatically numbered and stored in the cloud. Making it secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.

  • Requests
  • Instructions
  • Certificates
  • Labor Entries
  • Inventory Management
  • Notifications
  • Search
  • Digital Signature


All your business data is encrypted which is only accessible to the members of your organization. All tasks carried out on the app will be tracked and managed on the dashboard.

  • Data Analytics
  • Estimates
  • Billing
  • Site Management
  • User Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Reports

Scale Efficiently

Grow Your Business From Day One

Cloudscaff's comprehensive Scaffold & Inventory Management Software solution manages scaffold operations starting from scaffold requests, its approvals, skill, safety aspects, man and material inventory effectively and efficiently.

What Is Available?

Custom Designed Tools To Help you Control Your Entire Scaffolding Business

Site Instructions

Create digital Site Instructions on-site in under 2 minutes.

Safety Inspections

Issue daily, weekly or monthly Scaffold Inspections to keep your business running smoothly.

Handover Certificates

Transfer scaffolding material from 1 project site to another project site.

Scaffold Erections

Manage Scaffold Erections with digital certificates and automated billing.

Scaffold Modifications

Manage Scaffold Modifications with no hassle and ensure everything is kept up to date.

Scaffold Dismantles

Manage Scaffold Dismantles with digital certificates and automated billing.

Material Requests

Issue requests for material to be delivered to site.

Material Deliveries

Sign for deliveries and verify that all material quantities are correct on delivery

Material Collections

Issue requests for excess material to be collected from site.

Engineered For Success

Everything You Need To Successfully Manage Your Projects

Oversee every scaffold project and every piece of equipment from one powerful, user-friendly program. Cloudscaff lets you generate quotes, monitor inventory, transport materials, generate invoices, manage rental stock, and more. It’s the fastest, easiest way to manage your scaffold business.


A technology-first approach to scaffolding and construction

Ready to transform your scaffolding business?

Invest in your companies future.
Take control of every aspect of your business.

Save money and scale your business

Enjoy the benefits of digitizing and automating your business.

Always know whats happening on-site

Make informed decisions by knowing everything as it happens on-site in real-time.