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How to save money running a profitable scaffolding business

Byron Wood - a year ago

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Running a scaffolding operation is a tricky and stressful business, even for the pros. Scaffolding has many moving parts with just as many workflow processes. Pair that with an even larger workforce, and it can begin to seem quite overwhelming. The truth is, it is overwhelming, but there is a solution that simplifies the entire process, making it more convenient, less cumbersome, and less stressful.

The problem with scaffolding? 

Scaffolding businesses are expensive and complicated to run, manage and scale. It is one of the few industries that has thousands of moving parts and more paperwork than anyone could ever imagine. Managing these two elements into one perfectly executed project, delivering on access, safety, and profit is all part of the circle of life that is the scaffolding industry.  

The sad reality is that profit margins in the scaffolding industry are very tight. There is very little room for error, as errors have massive consequences. Common errors: 

    • Safety on-site  
    • Miscommunication
    • Transfer of information from site to office and vise versa
    • Keeping clients happy.  

If any of the items mentioned above are compromised, this could have detrimental outcomes for the business such as: 

    • If safety measures are not adhered to, someone could get injured or even die.
    • If documentation gets lost, filled in incorrectly, or misinterpreted, this could lose the company money. 
    • If communication is not consistently maintained with clients, they may become dissatisfied. This could damage the relationship and future business. 

Common areas where scaffolding companies lose money are: 

    • Physical storage - having to pay rent and utility bills for office space or floor space for storing and archiving documents that are necessary for a scaffolding business. 
    • Filing - purchasing files to place documents in.  
    • Certificates, inspections, instructions, and other documents - need to be ordered, printed, purchased, and collected 
    • Data capturing - time taken to manually capture information received from project sites and other administrative tasks which need to be documented. 
    • Data processing - time is taken to manually updated and manipulated spreadsheets, turning them into information for senior management to make informed decisions. 
    • Training - each company has a specific way of operating. Training is required to get new staff members up to date on company processes and procedures.  
    • Lost data - because the scaffolding industry still operates on a paper-based system. Documents being created on-site have the potential to be lost or misplaced while being transported back to the office. 
    • Skill transfer - teaching staff members how your scaffolding business operates, only for them to leave for alternative job opportunities.   
    • Human error - since humans are in control of filling in the documents, reading the documents, and processing the documents. There are many ways things could go wrong.   
    • Office Space - since scaffolding companies need a considerable amount of employees to run the business efficiently. This requires office space which costs money.  

I know it looks like scaffolding companies lose money hand over fist. This couldn't be further from the truth. Scaffolding is a fantastic business to be in, it also has the potential to make tons of money if managed correctly. What I am eluding to is the fact that there are areas where scaffolding companies can save money and increase their profit margins.

The solution to assist scaffolding companies

Now is the time for the scaffolding industry to step into the age of technology. It's scaffolding's turn to drive innovation in the built environment. Imagine software purely dedicated to the rise and success of the scaffolding industry.  So the answer is simple. For scaffolding companies to increase their profit margins while saving money, all they need to do is adopt a technology-first approach and use scaffold management software.

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I know what you are thinking. How will this help my scaffolding business? Scaffold management software will streamline a scaffolding companies workflow, through the creation of digital assets for quoting, invoicing, stock management along with site management tools that automate the entire process from site instruction to handover certificate, to additions & alterations, to dismantling, to creating custom spreadsheets & reports tailored to your companies needs and requirements. It will remove the current manual labor-intensive system, transforming the entire industry into a digital automated environment. 

So how do scaffolding companies save money? 

A key benefit of utilizing scaffold management software is that scaffolders can reduce cost in several ways: 

    • Never pay for another handover, inspection, instruction, certificate, or stationery again. With Cloudscaff Scaffold Management Software, you have access to unlimited digital document creation at your disposal. Anything from quotes, handover certificates, daily inspections, weekly inspections, inventory management, stock management, labor management, reports, and analysis.  
    • Save countless hours of valuable employee time by removing the need for data capturing of handovers, certificates, inspections, and instructions.  
    • Save on data processing by automating the entire process from beginning to end. Turning raw data into information that management needs to make decisions has never been faster. 
    • Human error may differ from company to company, but it is still a tangible cost scaffolding companies can relate to. By removing the need for humans to interact with documents, data capturing, and data processing removes the risk of error.  
    • Never lose another document again. All documents are created in the cloud, managed, and accessed on the dashboard or mobile app. It is now impossible to lose anything during the scaffolding process. 
    • Since all documents are stored in the cloud. It is no longer needed to pay for storage facilities, whether it may be filling cabinets, storage rooms in an office, off-site, or simply just desk space. 
    • Don’t waste valuable time and money transferring skills to employees. With scaffold management software everything is systematic and modular. Cloudscaff manages that for you.  
    • Spending time and money training people to adapt a company admin workflow process is no longer needed as it is all handled by Clouscaff.  
    • Having access to real-time data from job sites has exponential benefits which allow senior management to make informed decisions as issues are found live on job sites. 

After adding up all these cost-saving opportunities for scaffolders. You will soon see that once a scaffolding company implements these changes they will see an increase in their profit margins. 

Final thoughts 

Construction management software and project management software have always taken center stage in the construction industry. Now there is construction management software for scaffolding or project management software for scaffolding. The future of scaffolding is getting more exciting as it embraces scaffold management and safety management software. In short, scaffold management software is scaffolding but smarter.  

We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and technology is here to stay, so make it work for you!

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