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5 Ways Technology Can Increase Productivity for Scaffolders

Byron Wood - a year ago

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Technology is vital in helping scaffolding businesses of all sizes improve results, overcome challenges, increase productivity, and optimize efficiency. Companies throughout the world use software to perform at higher levels of productivity and efficiency. Now, the same applies to the scaffolding industry. Scaffold management software is here to assist scaffolding businesses to adapt to an ever-evolving world of change in the construction space by embracing technology.

I know what you are thinking, what does that mean? You would be right in thinking that.

Please see below 5 ways technology can help the scaffolding industry. 

Enhanced efficiency

Technology is vital for enhancing performance in the workplace. Scaffolding companies need to invest in software that will enable their employees to create, edit, access, and update company data, information, projects, documents, scaffolds, stock, and inventory from anywhere in the world and at any point in time. This will allow anyone from within the organization to make informed decisions with real-time information from sites or the office and operate without any bottlenecks in place. 

Improves collaboration and teamwork

Collaboration is essential for a scaffolding business. Because scaffolding has 1000's upon 1000's moving parts and pieces, all of which need to be coordinated, documented, tracked, and managed by various team members. With scaffold management software, this is done with the greatest ease as it is all automated. Employees can work remotely on the same project, creating, editing, and sharing documents all in one closed system.  

Relationship management systems (CRM) can help a scaffolding business track a project's status, documents, and correspondence with a customer in a given period. Improving communication with customers, building on the relationship, hence enhancing profitability for the future.

Transparency and communication

Communication and transparency are crucial in each level of a scaffolding business, regardless of the company's size. Technology offers an opportunity for greater transparency that enables management to gain insights into the status of the business, projects, workflow, and workforce. Scaffold management technology across hardware, software, and mobile devices ensure that every employee can better communicate and connect with leadership, colleagues, and customers.

Customer service

For the majority of scaffolding businesses, customer service is tough to get right. The majority of customers have high expectations, low budgets, and tight deadlines. The use of software like cloudscaff scaffold management software provides customer service features, making it easier for scaffolding enterprises to offer their customers a great user experience.  Scaffold management software provides outstanding features to assist in communicating directly with customers. All documents are generated automatically and sent to your customers without lifting a finger. 

Builds on employee engagement

Employees may sometimes be disconnected or disengaged with their work. Technology spices up tedious office routines by offering tools that improve working processes, collaboration, and flexibility. Scaffold management software constantly uses and develops workflow models that provide instant feedback that results in a more productive and engaged workforce.  


Scaffolding is now at the forefront of corporate technology. By taking mundane, laborious, and time-consuming jobs, transforming them all into a seamless automated and digital environment. Employees can now work on growing the business and letting the scaffold management software do the rest.   

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