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7 Benefits of Scaffold Management Software - No.5 Will Shock You!

Byron Wood - a year ago

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Scaffold management software is much like construction management software or project management software. It offers a unique blend of tools and features designed to optimize a companies workflow, making it easier and more effective to run and scale a scaffolding business.

So just what does scaffold management software do? 

It streamlines scaffolding companies' business processes by creating, tracking, monitoring, and archiving digital assets such as: 

    • Site Instructions
    • Handover Certificates
    • Daily Inspections
    • Inventory Management / Stock Management
    • Reports

Technology and Software are transforming the entire scaffolding industry into a seamless digital automated environment.  

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The Perks of Scaffold Management Software

As any scaffolder will tell you, the amount of paperwork that goes into erecting any scaffold is ridiculous. The time it takes to fill in, file, data capture, and process that piece of paper into facts and figures that scaffolding businesses need to make informed decisions is simply time wasted. This time would be better utilized elsewhere, such as growing the business.  

Utilizing scaffolding software, companies can monitor all administrative tasks, site documents, labor costs, safety management, stock & inventory. The best part about all of this, it all happens live in real-time. Gone are the days of needing to wait for data/information from sites or a staff member. Everything updates live on the dashboard.

Key Benefits of Scaffold Management Software

Live Data

Analyze scaffolding business in real-time with information sent instantly from the site and the office.

Save Money

Physical storage, filing, printing certificates & instructions, data capturing, data processing, training, lost data, skill transfer, human error, stationary, and rent.

Increased Productivity

Cloud computing optimizes your company workflow. Access to your digital archive.

Greater Efficiency

Remove the need for data capturing and processing. Certificate tracking, site management on the go, integrated stock management, simplified quoting, and automated invoicing

Improve Profitability

Saving money, increasing productivity, and optimizing efficiency will boost your profitability 

Free Up Resources

Employees will have more time to work on things that scale your business.

Advanced security

Utilizing google servers and infrastructure, your data will always be secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.

A Final Word

Cloudscaff scaffold management software is essential in the world of construction and project management. Simply put, it saves scaffolders and scaffolding companies time, makes them money, and brings convenience to their fingertips without compromising on anything.

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