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What is scaffold management?

Byron Wood - a year ago

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Scaffold management controls the entire life-cycle of a scaffold. Managing scaffolds from quote to request, erection to inspection, and inventory to invoicing. The primary goal of scaffold management is to optimize a scaffolding companies workflow. Through managing safety, tracking statuses, controlling requests, approvals, production, inventory, reports, graphs, KPIs & analytical information to assist in decision-making.

How does scaffold management work?  

It optimizes workflows to increase productivity and performance for scaffolders. By focusing on automating business processes, promoting safe working practices, stores records of instructions, handovers, certificates, inspections, and scaffold tags.  Cloudscaff free scaffold management software is accessible via the internet and mobile devices. Scaffolding management software thus values man, material, time, efficiency, and productivity. 

What are the features of scaffold management software? 


    • Insights into teams’ productivity, material use, labor cost, and process-efficiency 
    • Improved access to information from site to office
    • Archive of individual scaffold records 
    • Labor & inventory bottleneck alerts 
    • Scaffold inspection records and notifications 

Identification of Bottlenecks 

    • Better planning for labor & material 
    • Identifies productivity of scaffold team, displays trends based on available team members, their efficiency, and requests 
    • Manages material in use on-site, alert against critical stock levels 

Key Performance Indicators 

    • Measure scaffold team productivity 
    • Measure hours wasted due to non-productive activities 
    • Analysis promotes requestor to plan more efficiently 
    • Trends of delay in scaffold completion 
    • Scaffold erection & dismantle timeline 

Compatible with Web, Mobile Devices & Tablets 

    • Request, correct, approve, and store scaffold erection, modification, and dismantle request & production data 

Efficient Usage of Scaffold Material 

    • Dismantled scaffolds will trigger alerts on the software to all relevant authorities of unused material on-site.

Electronic Workflow 

    • Authorities interact with each other using the software instead of email/phone calls 
    • Increase data transparency among users 
    • Saves significant time for interaction 
    • Notifications for actions that require attention 
    • Tracking of scaffold status: draft request, action pending, erection-queue, dismantle-queue, planned production, work initiated, erected, dismantled, request rejected, request completed. 

Scaffold Production Records 

    • The software collects production records after work completion like Scaffold actual dimension, team members, Man-hours utilized, inventory used, and Non-productive hours details. 

Labor Invoice Verification 

    • Man-hours captured in production reports help in tracking weekly labor, invoices & Project specific scaffolding operation’s man-hours 

Additional Benefits 

    • Web-Based Solution - Internet-based secure application. 
    • Runs at single/multiple locations, as per the hierarchy of an organization. 
    • Email/SMS Alerts & Notifications - Set email alerts & notifications to yourself and other responsible persons 
    • Security - Limited access rights to users/work-groups. 
    • Limited access to files, documents, reports, and more. 
    • Support - Online support, a library of support documentation, FAQs, Help files, Interactive learning tools.

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