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How scaffolding management software can boost efficiency

Byron Wood - a year ago

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A big challenge faced by all departments, disciplines, and trades in the built environment is one of time. There is never enough time on a construction site, and even more so for a scaffolding company. On a building site, for construction to progress and remain on schedule, scaffolds need to be erected in an efficient and timeous manner. Delays are costly, therefore, efficiency is key to running a successful scaffolding business.

Scaffolding companies common reasons for delays: 

    • No formal procedure for scaffold requests & approvals 
    • Requests are raised too late 
    • Poor planning as a result of lack of information 
    • The scaffold approval process consumes a lot of time, as multiple approvals are required, and approving authorities are hard to locate. 
    • Scaffold foreman requires site visits with end-user to understand the requirement, assess safety hazards. 
    • Also, they need to visit the site with the scaffold building team leader to explain the end-users need. 
    • Administrative bottlenecks in scaffolding operations. 

The current solutions to deal with delays: 

    • A paper-based request and approval process 
    • Paper-based scaffold reporting
    • Manually inputting and maintaining all the required data in excel sheets 
    • Manually manipulate raw data to generate reports and analysis 

This approach offered temporary solutions, however, the problem was never fully resolved.  

Issues with the current solution 

    • Difficult to maintain – Huge database for multiple sites, tons of paperwork, poor data transfer, and slow data capturing 
    • Several people need to be responsible for handling and processing the paperwork 
    • Tiresome to produce final reports 
    • Human error 

Looking at the above issues, Cloudscaff, with in-house expertise in scaffolding, software development, and design came up with scaffold management software that overcomes all the above-mentioned issues. Cloudscaff scaffold management software is a comprehensive scaffolding software solution that manages scaffold operations starting from scaffold requests, approvals, skill, scaffold safety aspects, labor, inventory, and stock effectively and efficiently.

Some of the features of Cloudscaff scaffold management software: 

    • Automated scaffolding operation approval workflow(s) with alerts and notifications 
    • Manage scaffold team skill & their productivity 
    • Manage and track inventory and stock management 
    • Key Performance Indicators (Delays, Uptime, Lead days, Inspections & failure ratio to name a few). 
    • Design & Material estimation (preliminary) 
    • Job Hazard Analysis & Safety Inspections 
    • Invoice supporting data 
    • Web-based solution with a mobile app to use in the field 

Scaffolding Management Software simplifies all of the complex procedures and work processes when running a scaffolding company. The biggest benefit of such digital processes is a drastic reduction in the time consumed by the requestor, approver, or scaffolder during scaffold operations. Also, communication becomes transparent and ‘real-time’ between management, staff, and customers. 

Try out Cloudscaff today. it's free. Only pay after 100 scaffolds. 

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